Supported Living

Domiciliary care is where a range of services is provided to an individual in the comfort of their home thus promoting independence and individualism.

Ensuring Quality Care, Comfort, and Inclusivity

At Devoted Butterfly, we recognise that change can be overwhelming, particularly for individuals with learning disabilities and autism. That’s why we approach our services with warmth and personalisation, ensuring a seamless fit for each person’s unique needs. For those who may benefit from a gradual transition over several months to alleviate any anxiety, we meticulously tailor the process for simplicity, ease, and comfort.

Our devoted team of caregivers stands by to provide steadfast support and valuable guidance throughout the journey. Through our services, we aim to empower our residents by offering increased choices and autonomy in their lives. Our meticulously crafted support plans revolve around the distinct aspirations of each individual, motivating them to achieve their fullest potential.

Central to our ethos is a genuine focus on people. We consistently review and refine our support plans, aiding our residents in gaining self-reliance, seeking fulfilling opportunities, and becoming integral parts of their communities. With empathy and determination, we are resolute in nurturing a positive and empowering environment for all those in our care.

Maintaining a clean and safe living environment

All our rooms and our whole premises as a whole is kept clean and tidy. We will work with you in maintain a clean and safe living environment for all our resident


Our qualified and experienced counsellors/therapists are here to support all our residents so they can benefit from exploring their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in the confidential counselling setting.

Joining and attending leisure and health activities

We encourage our residents to join leisure and health activities that would benefit their mental health. If you need support in joining and attending any activities, our carers will be happy to support you.

Home Care

Assessing and registering with health services

We assess our residents’ needs and we work with local GP and other health services to provide a holistic support to our residents. We help them in accessing and registering with health services.

Education, training, or employment

Whether you would like to continue your education, or get a special training or course or get into work, we will support all the way. Our carer will help you with filling application forms or provide you information and resources about any bursaries or scholarship. We will also keep updated of work placements or apprenticeship opportunities.

Family contact

Good mental health and family support can go hand in hand. We encourage family contact for all residents. Our premises are clean and homely and our residents can invite their family to visit them with pride. We keep our residents’ families involved and updated of their progress

Art therapy

Art therapy is one of the services we provide our residents. This involves using creative techniques like painting, drawing, colouring, or sculpting to help our residents express their emotions artistically. We believe that that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being in our residents.

Religious and cultural needs/preferences

We attend to every small detail that can make a big difference in meeting our residents’ cultural or religious needs. We ensure we find out what our residents likes and dislikes are, rather than being led by our assumptions. Our carers can accompany you to your place of worship, if you like to attend.

Bill payments, banking, savings, and money management

Managing the money can be quite daunting for some but we can help you with budgeting or savings or managing your finances on the whole. We can also help you with opening a bank account.

Healthy eating

We support residents in eating well by involving them in food preparation, assessing meal access, ensuring a regular food supply, and offering personalised diet charts. Carers can also cook healthy meals on request.

Joining the housing register and support with bidding for council properties

If you are looking for a council property to rent, we will help you get onto the local housing register and support you with bidding for your preferred properties every week.

Play therapy

With play therapy, we use game/play as the main mode of communication, especially with young adults whose speech capacity may be compromised, to help them towards better growth and development, social integration and social skill development.

Obtaining independent and group accommodation and accessing a tenancy

We will support you with finding or obtaining independent or group accommodation and securing a tenancy. 

Food & Grocery shopping

All our residents get support with food and grocery shopping and basic household budgeting which will help them in the future to take care of their finances.

Taking care of their emotional and mental health

We will ensure your stay with us is most enjoyable and you are happy by taking care of your emotional and mental health well-being.